JSON library for the .Net framework


LitJSON is a small and fast library for handling data in the JSON format. It is written in C# and is compatible with all .Net languages.


This library and its documentation are dedicated to the public domain. It may be used by anyone, for any purpose, without restrictions.


LitJSON 0.9.0 2014-09-08 · source changes

A number of bugs still have to be squashed, and a few core features still have to be added to the library, but the road to v1.0 is now open.


File releases

Git repository

All development of this library occurs now on GitHub. Feel free to fork the project, and submit issues / pull requests.

You may download a zip file built from the most recent sources at any given time here: litjson-master.


The API reference is not available yet. For now, it’s recommended that you get familiar with the library by reading the Quick Start guide above, or if you feel like getting a deeper understanding of its internal details, feel free to explore the source code. This is a small library, so it shouldn’t be too much effort, and you may find examples covering most of its functionality in the test suites.

Other versions of LitJSON’s manual:

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